Our couch potato tendencies are inherited from cave-dwelling ancestors. Here's what to do about it.

We’ve all done it.

Fallen into the fitness resolution cycle of despair. It goes something like this:

Sunday: Make a fitness goal.

Monday: Bear-sprint on a treadmill.

Tuesday - Saturday: Cry and eat a pint of ice cream while binging Netflix with quads that burn like fire and shake like jello.

Sunday: Shame yourself and renew fitness goal.

So what gives?

How can we set ourselves up to keep our fitness goals?

Let’s start by asking:

Why is exercising so hard?

I mean, besides the time it takes, the sweat it produces, and the pain it inflicts?

According to Harvard Magazine, a study by Professor Lieberman says it’s because “...exercise itself stands against two million years of human evolution screaming, ‘Don’t do it!’”

That’s right. You’re fighting against two million years of DNA telling you to chill out. That’s because our caveman ancestors had to save all their energy to hunt food or risk starvation, sad face, and death.

So how do we, with our DoorDash and Ubers, find the motivation we need to get moving? Especially when the penalties (obesity, fatigue, and depression) are not immediate enough to kick our lazy genes into gear?

Lieberman suggests figuring “...out ways to make activity more fun for more people, and the way to make it fun is to make it social.”

3 Benefits of Social Exercising

If you’re like me, what’s supposed to be a 30-minute trudge up a mountain ends in a detour at a local donut shop. But never fear, there’s hope for us yet. Listed below are some amazing benefits to making exercise a social affair.

1. Exercising with Friends Kicks Stress in the Butt

If the reason you decided to get fit this year is to reduce stress, then hop on the group exercise wagon. According to this study, those who exercised socially boosted mental well-being by 12%, emotional stability by 26% and self-reported physical fitness by 24% as opposed to those who tackled getting fit alone.

2. Group Exercising Saves You From That Dreaded Gym Slump

Tired of plugging away on the same treadmill day after day? Or seeing the same 3 people at the gym over and over again? (No, Sweat-Stain Dan! I haven’t dropped those last 5 pounds, okay???) Fortunately, exercising with friends will not only help get you out Dan’s purview but also spice up your exercising routine.

3. Social Exercising Keeps You From Slacking Off

That’s right. The best way to combat laziness is with an accountability partner. According to the Association for Talent Development, just committing to do something with someone increases your likelihood of success by 15%, and having an accountability partner boosts success 30% more. That’s quite a difference!

What Tools Can Help Me Reach My Exercise Goals?

Ready to high-kick those fitness resolutions and get your social on at the same time? Freeplay has everything you need so you and your friends can get moving. Even better? The more friends join your group, the lower your monthly premiums!

So, if you and your family and friends are looking to exercise anytime, any place in Utah or Arizona instead of being stuck in one gym, look no further! And if your favorite local gym or group class isn’t on the list, call them up and tell them to join! We have room for everyone.

Also, we love to hear from our customers. So, feel free to contact us at Freeplay with any questions or concerns!

Now get exercising!




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