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Customer Story: Tom and Kristin

Freeplay’s mission is to bring people and exercise together in as fun a setting as possible.

To do this, we’re spotlighting our fantastic Freeplayers and their recommendations for the best gyms in Utah. This week’s list includes an awesome jump park, a great place to do yoga, and a gym that hones both your mental and physical faculties, so make sure to check out the bottom of the post!

Tom and Kristin Burton

This week, Freeplay has the awesome opportunity to spotlight two amazing Freeplayers. Tom and Kristin Burton are an amazing recently married couple that used Freeplay for dates before tying the knot. Tom completed graduate school to become a physical therapist and Kristin graduated with a bachelors of fine arts in illustration. She has worked in digital marketing and currently keeps up her passions with oil & encaustic painting as well as graphic design and branding for small businesses.

When not working hard, Tom and Kristin make time to use Freeplay to go on dates and stay active. Be sure to check out their Instas: @kwistyart @tomkburton and @kristingulledge.creative!

Couples Fitness

In a lively back and forth over the phone, Kristin chimes in when I ask the pair about working out together.

“Freeplay’s cool because Tom loves the ninja warrior stuff and I like yoga and rock climbing. So when I go with him to his places, I try new things because I’m there. Like the spider crawl and rings at the Ninja Playground, or paddleboarding. I never would have considered attempting any of those, but because I had Freeplay I gave them a try, and found a lot of confidence in doing them.”

Tom adds, “My wife’s much more of Yogi than I am, but I’m really glad I’ve started doing yoga with her. As a physical therapist I feel like there’s all these clinical pearls about why yoga is so good for you.”

“We also enjoy the puzzle set up and physical challenges at the Labyrinth,” Tom continues. “We’ve completed the entire thing. Our first time going was around the end of May and it took us until New Years, but we got it done!”

“You know,” Tom jokes, “you could use us as a Freeplay success story, because we started using Freeplay to go on dates together and really bonding in November, and married in April.”

Because of the awesome benefits, Tom and Kristin don’t just use Freeplay for couple dates.

Freeplay for Group Dates and Family Outings

“I love the buddy passes,” Kristin says, “because between me and Tom we have 6 each month so we can bring friends and family. We take our nephews and nieces. We go with our friends.We preach it all the time.”

Tom agrees. “Freeplay’s worthwhile and a fun, rewarding investment for us individually and us as a couple. It’s been great because when we got married, we thought we wouldn’t see some of our friends as often, but with the app we can still get together to go to classes with friends. It’s great for the social and physical aspect, and not too long ago we even dida group date at Phat Axe.”

“Actually, we got started on Freeplay because a friend of ours told us about the app and that if we got 6 people to join our rates would go down.” Tom chuckles and adds, “We ended up recruiting more than that and had to start a second group.”

While Tom and Kristin enjoy the benefits of spending time together and being active, going on exercise dates has other positive outcomes as well.

Why You Should Share Your Fitness Goals

In a study on factors that influence goal achievement at the Dominican University of California, psychologist Gail Matthews found that “Those who sent weekly progress reports to their friend accomplished significantly more than those who had unwritten goals, wrote their goals, formulated action commitments or sent those action commitments to a friend.”

In other words, those who shared their goals with others on a regular basis were far more likely to achieve them.

So what are Kristin and Tom’s goals?

Tom chimes in first. “A little while ago, we did a 5k together, and now my wife and I want to build up to a half-marathon.” He pauses before continuing, “ And you know, growing up, my cousins and I used to pretend to be power rangers jumping on the trampoline. I thought I could do anything. So eventually I got older, then I went to The Ninja Playground with my nephew, and he totally put me to shame on the salmon ladder and was able to do several levels. So hitting more of those in a row is probably a goal I have.”

For Kristin, her goals are more mental.

“I try to remember that even though I’ve been blessed with good genetics, I’ve been through some health struggles and I need to remind myself when I feel weak that I have nothing to prove at the gym or on the mat or anywhere else. This isn’t about what everyone thinks of you or what you should be capable of doing.”

“That mindset has really carried through with Freeplay. I’ve been able to try more things and it’s been super liberating. I try to remind myself that I work out because I love my body, and not because I don’t like it and want to change it. That’s why I do this.”

With the right mental attitude and goals set in place, you may find yourself asking:

How Can I Be More Successful in my Exercise Routines?

“For me,” Tom says, “wrestling was my thing growing up and it sort of made me feel like a workout isn’t a workout unless you get your sweat on and are crazy exhausted afterward. But trying new things on Freeplay with Kristin, I realize I’ve gotten good workouts even when I haven’t gotten a sweat on like I used to. It’s cool to see how just being in a certain pose in Yoga doesn’t seem that hard at first, but then you do another maneuver and your quads are on fire.”

He continues, “You’ve also got to focus on breathing, which is a good form of meditation. It gets you into a good mindset for the rest of the day so you can feel like you’ve done something for yourself. You’re kind of prepping for the rest of the day.”

“In the end, though,” Tom says, finishing up, “I try to ask myself what can you do when you’re tired or when it’s hard. Maybe just doing Warrior 3 is not so bad by itself, but if you’ve just done a staff pose and then airplane and an entire workout before that, can you still stay strong, maintain your balance, and keep your breath during that pose? Focusing on doing my best when I’m tired and keeping in mind what I’ve already accomplished helps drive me when I want to get the most out of a workout.”

For Kristin, it’s about finding the right motivation.

“That’s why I tell people about Freeplay. It gives me no excuse not to exercise and every excuse to work out. It makes creating the fun, active lifestyle I want easier and more practical. It lets me try crazy fun classes like aerial yoga at YogaVega or Pound at Brick Canvas with no risk because it’s all covered in a flat fee per month. Plus I’ve already budgeted that in,so it’s fun to look at the places we’ve gone to and watch the dollar amount per class we’ve spent go down. It becomes a fun mental game to look at our progress log and say ‘I’m only paying 8 dollars a class now!’”

So, Why Recommend Freeplay?

Kristin is ready with her answer.

“It’s flexibility, it’s variety, and it’s motivation. Flexibility with schedule, variety with classes, and motivation because I’ve already spent the money on it and so I’m going to get the most out of it. And I would recommend Freeplay because of friend groups. It’s nice because I know somebody else has this app so we can go together. It’s a community.”

“Also, the app is easy to use and well-designed, so that’s very appealing to me as a graphic designer as well as a user. And the Freeplay staff is always easy to reach if something goes wrong. It’s fun because the app has started to give our lives structure. We set our Freeplay class schedules to help our bodies first, and then schedule around it so everything else goes better.”

Tom concurs. “Freeplay is a great deal. You can easily get your money’s worth, but you have to be intentional about it. It’s an awesome chance to try new things and find your new favorite hobby.”

For Tom and Kristin’s favorite gyms in Utah found on the Freeplay app, check out the list below. And if you’re interested in being spotlighted for Freeplay, contact us!

Best Gyms in Utah

Tom and Kristin’s recommended list of favorite Freeplay gyms:

Labyrinth in Lindon, UT

A puzzle and ninja-style set of obstacles that will challenge you both mentally and physically.

Tadasana Yoga in Lehi, UT

A yoga studio that focuses on understanding happiness and how to create it in your life.

Airborne in Lindon, UT

An indoor trampoline park with 20,000 feet of wall-to-wall jump space and 6 elevated platforms.

Brick Canvas in Lehi, UT

A place to build your mind and body through a variety of exercises, including hot pilates, yoga, high fitness and more.




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