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Customer Story: Ashlyn Eckman

Ashlyn graduated in the summer of 2018 from Utah Valley University where her husband still attends and absolutely loved it. Now, she works in finance for equipment lease documentation. But don’t let the technicalities of her schwanky job throw you off, Ashlyn loves working out, grew up swimming competitively, and has been a member of Freeplay since May of 2019. For some awesome pictures, check out her Insta: @AshlynEckman

Even though Ashlyn doesn’t compete in swimming anymore, she is still extremely competitive, though mostly with herself. “This year, I signed up for Spartan Race. It’s my second one, so I think it will go good, but I’m getting ready for it.”

The Spartan Race obstacle course Ashlyn is competing in this summer is a 5k with 20 obstacles to complete. “It’s really quite cool,” Ashlyn explains. “It encourages you to build a lot of strength and stamina. It’s pretty long with all the obstacles.”

Since she competed a couple years ago, I ask if she has any personal goals she’s trying to set for herself in the course. “The first time I did it, I just wanted to make it. This time, I want to make it but there are a few obstacles I didn’t accomplish last year that I want to accomplish this year. Like the rope climb. I think CrossFit has a few rope climbs around here.”

Stamina Training in Utah

Luckily, Ashlyn doesn’t have to train alone. Her husband often goes with her to work out because he’s decided to run Spartan Race with her for the first time this year. “He has a lot more endurance, so I think he’ll do really good. He’s been enjoying Freeplay a lot. He’s come back home from workouts with positive experiences and says they’re extremely motivating classes.”

So how often does she work out? At least once a day.

“My husband and I will use it for date night if we can, we have used it to do our workouts together, and I’ve used it to just see what’s available. If I want to go to a class and I can only go at an odd time it works with my schedule really well.”

Since training for an obstacle course is no picnic, I ask what other activities Ashlyn enjoys doing.

“Swimming, I like weightlifting a lot, too. And I’ve also been getting into rock climbing lately. There have been a few different weightlifting classes I enjoy on Freeplay I like going to.”

How to Stay Motivated

So how does Ashlyn keep herself motivated on her fitness journey?

“Essentially, I just say don’t give up and don’t give up on yourself.”

“It’s hard to make time for yourself some days, but I think making that time for yourself is important because it affects others around you as well. I think that mentally and physically for anyone and myself, I feel better when I’ve completed a workout and I’ve started my day out that way. I feel ready to go and my mind is clear and I feel great. And I think it relieves a lot of stress. I think that starting or doing any workout has helped me with a ton of stress.”

This has proven to be true for people in general. A cross-sectional exercise and mental health study by the Lancet Journal found that people who exercise 3-5 days a week were happier than people who made up to $25,000 more a year! Turns out, money can’t buy happiness but a Freeplay gym pass can.

Ashlyn agrees. “I would certainly recommend Freeplay to other people just to have an inexpensive way to experience different types of workouts and to be able to get fit because I feel like a lot of the time, people’s excuse is that it’s too expensive or hard to find a gym, and Freeplay essentially makes those excuses impossible. I’ve recommended Freeplay to a lot of people.”

Does Having a Workout Partner Help?

According to an ipsos poll, up to 40% of people reported feeling anxious when they go to the gym, however, that anxiety went down when accompanied by a friend.

While Ashlyn feels comfortable in a gym, she says “It’s nice to be surrounded by other people to do the group classes and rock climbing. My sister had a membership and we went a lot. I really enjoyed the Freeplay get togethers they were doing because it helped me make connections.”

But it isn’t just the connections and time with her husband Ashlyn enjoys. “Freeplay has helped me try new things I wouldn’t normally have tired in the past. And it’s pushed me out of my comfort level, and I enjoy that. It has helped me enjoy my workouts more.”

The Conclusion: Freeplay Works for You

“I absolutely love Freeplay,” Ashlyn says. “I think everything that has been done is amazing. The app is improving and every time there is an update I love it. I really enjoy everything it has to offer. It’s great that you are reaching out and that you care about the people. I really can tell that you care.”

For Ashlyn’s favorite gyms in Utah found on the Freeplay app, check out the list below. And if you’re interested in being spotlighted for Freeplay, contact us!

Best Gyms in Utah

Ashlyn’s recommended list of favorite Freeplay gyms:

Best Cycling Studio in Utah

M Cycle - A cycling Studio in Salt Lake City that focuses on music-infused 45-minute intense cycling sessions that will take your mind off of everything.

Best Recovery Studio in Utah

Yin Wellness Institute - A gym located in Sandy that encourages wellness as an active process of changing and growing. They offer fresh choreography in their dance classes, as well as yoga and high-fitness.

Best Utah Gym for Training

Rage Fitness - A Lehi gym focused on intense training for weight loss, sports, and competitions that offers many boot camps and personalized training.

Best Rock Climbing Gym in Utah

Momentum Climbing - An elite rock climbing gym that designs its gyms to mimic the canyons and crags that Utah is known for.




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