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Customer Stories: Weixin Le

Updated: Jun 26

Freeplay’s mission is to bring people and exercise together in as fun a setting as possible.

To do this, we’ve begun a weekly spotlight to showcase our fantastic Freeplayers and their recommendations for the best gyms in Utah. This week’s list includes the best aerial yoga studio, the best trampoline arena, the best indoor rock-climbing gym, and the best Afro-Brazilian dance studio in Utah, so make sure to check out the bottom of the post!

Weixin Le (Wex) - Stunt Performer and Actress

Wex, a native of Utah with two brothers, joined Freeplay in the summer of 2018. After attending Brigham Young University to get a degree in Education, she helped run the Chinese Immersion program for Utah’s public schools.

Now, she has a career as a kick-butt stunt woman and actress for commercial and industrial marketplaces, is a fitness instructor for Vasa, and has fun working with local youtubers.

Make sure to check out her insta @ambiwextrous for more amazing pics!

When not navigating her unpredictable work schedule, traveling to L.A., or hanging out with her boyfriend, Wex uses Freeplay to train at her favorite Utah gyms.

“I’ve always been active.” She tells me over the phone. “And I love keeping up with techniques and reading blogs.”

Fitness As a Lifestyle

Recognizing Wex’s amazing background training as a stunt woman, I ask what exactly “being active” means to her. She doesn’t even pause before answering, “I work out every day but Sunday, but I cater toward performance. I focus on what will help me jump higher or give me faster muscle twitch or strength, and work on endurance training.”

“And do you love it?” I ask, curious if the effort and time she puts in is worth the sacrifice. “It’s hard,” she admits, “super hard. And it’s more of a full-time job than anything I’ve had before, but, yes, I love it.”

The Key to Exercising Successfully

Wex continues, “I was actually certified as a personal trainer in high school through Weber University. But I stopped because I don’t like making people do what they don’t want to do.”

And that may be the biggest secret to Wex’s success (you know, that and her being awesome).

A 2016 study by the University of Tennessee “found enjoyment of exercise and personality to be key factors associated with physical activity.” In other words: the more you enjoy what you’re doing, the more you will do it. Which is where Freeplay comes in.

“I’m so pro-Freeplay,” Wex declares for the third time in our 20-minute interview. “My schedule is very unpredictable. I could work all day on set or have nothing for 3 days, and Freeplay lets me see everything that’s available in the time slots I have open.”

And by everything, Wex means everything. “I love Martial arts, going to rock climbing gyms, ninja playgrounds, parkour, boxing, kick-boxing. I’m probably equally passionate about everything. I’m a fitness dance instructor for U-Jam. I even go to a yoga studio in Saratoga Springs for Aerial Yoga.”

She then circles back to Martial arts. “While my passion for martial arts is only a few years old, it might already run in my blood. My father studied Kung Fu back in China.” She pauses and laughs. “Growing up, he used to scare our neighbors because they would come out and see this Chinese man cutting down tree branches with his sword.”

“If Freeplay opens up where my brothers live, I know they’d join in a second.”

Setting Exercise Goals

I mean, how cool is she?

With so many activities Wex enjoys doing, I had to ask how she sets goals or decides what to focus on.

“I try to make specific goals,” she says decidedly. “Right now, my goals include getting a blackbelt in Taekwondo, learning my butterfly twist, and doing yoga more frequently--at least every other day.”

“And does working out with others help?” I ask.

“I’m an extreme extrovert who prefers to be around people, but I’m also independent and will train regardless. I’m more than happy visiting different martial arts gyms by myself to check out the equipment and vibes and then invite others.”

I then ask how big her group of workout buddies is.

“I go to different gyms with my stunt buddies, and with friends from church to The Strike Zone. And when climbing I go with my boyfriend and climbing friends who use Freeplay.”

Why Wex Recommends Freeplay

When I ask Wex if she lives by a motto or exercise mantra, she replies, “My dad always says everything has a cost or sacrifice. You always have to give up something, but if what you’re getting is worth more, then it’s worth it. It’s the same with exercise and acting. Do the best you can and believe in a higher power and it will work out.”

“It’s not just a career. It’s a lifestyle. I would be training for my job regardless, but Freeplay has made it so I can do it without having to pay several different memberships to different places, and it lets me train with friends.”

“It’s just convenient. It’s a lot of fun. I am so pro-Freeplay. You guys, you’ve got to get Freeplay!”

For Wex’s favorite gyms in Utah found on the Freeplay app, check out the list below. And if you’re interested in being spotlighted for Freeplay, contact us!

Best Gyms in Utah

Wex’s recommended list of favorite Freeplay gyms:

Best Rock Climbing Gym in Utah

  • Momentum Indoor Climbing - A rock climbing facility that accommodates people of all backgrounds and employs route setters who are at the top of their craft, to ensure that there will always be fresh, exciting routes to come back for.

Best Martial Arts Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Bernales Institute of Martial Arts - A martial arts studio that offers expert instruction within a supportive community atmosphere.

Best Afro-Brazilian Dance Studio in Utah

  • Utah Valley Capoeira - A studio in Orem, Utah that teaches Capoeria, an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, dance, and music. Capoeira is a great way to get in shape and gain functional strength, coordination, and flexibility, which can enhance your performance in any sport.

Best Aerial Yoga Studio in Utah

  • YogaVega - A Yoga Studio in Saratoga Springs that has built an environment around exercising your body and your mind.

Best Trampoline Arena in Utah

  • Lowes Xtreme Air Sports - The original trampoline Arena in Provo, Utah. Start Flying today!




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