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This seems too good to be true. What's the catch?

There’s no catch. Freeplay has partnered with premier gyms and studios to provide an all-access fitness pass to all of them. With Freeplay, you get the exact fitness experience you want without being stuck in a single gym membership.

Are there any limits to how many times I can go to each gym?

You can use Freeplay as much as you want to go to any of our partner gyms. A few of our partners only allow a certain number of visits per month, but tons of our partners are 100% unlimited. Gyms and studios that have limits are indicated in the app.

How long does Freeplay partner with gyms and studios?
We try to foster strong relationships with our partners so that they stay our partners forever. However, due to the nature of our agreements with our partners, some may come and go, and others might change what's available on Freeplay. We do our best to keep you informed on changes before they happen.
How does Freeplay work?

When you download the Freeplay app and sign up as a VIP, we create a pass for you that can be used at any of our partner gyms or studios. You just show the pass to the front desk and tap the “Check In” button, and they’ll admit you in.

Are there any enrollment or cancellation fees?
Nope. We believe you shouldn't feel locked in to your gym membership, so we'll never charge enrollment or cancellation fees.
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