Freeplay is better with your friends (and groups)! Signing up with groups is mentioned in the Getting Started page – we'll be covering that same information, as well as some additional points here.

Group Codes

Freeplay is all about getting out and playing with the people around you – so you get a discount when you sign up with your friends! To get set up with the discount, you will be connected via group code.

If your friends will be using your group code, send them the code on your "My Payment Group" page under your profile.

Once you send the code their way, your friends will apply the group code before upgrading their account. (You don't need to all sign up for the same plan!)

After everyone has signed up, you will all receive a discount on your next payment. To see what the discount will be for each additional person, check out our pricing page.

If you miss the spot to add a group code while setting up your plan, or you found a group after signing up, feel free to reach out to Please include the email associated with your account, and the group code you would like to be added to. We will get you all set!

Leaving a Group

Upon cancelling your account, you will automatically be removed from your group. As such, your previous group members will be able to send out their code to add new people to the group. If a new person is not added in your place before your group member's next billing, they will be charged an additional amount. For more details about what the rate will be after the number of group members decreases, check out our pricing page.

Number of People in a Group

These payment groups cap off at 11 people (10 people excluding yourself). Once you have 11 members in your group, new users who try to sign up with the code will receive an "invalid code" error. In order for a new person to be added, a group member would need to leave the group.

Working out with my Group

For information on how to invite your group and other friends to exercise, check out our Invites page in the Help Center!

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