The Explore page is where you can discover gyms and classes near you! Explore has all of your options to get out and play. There's a lot to unpack here, so let's start from the top.  

Quick Picks + Filters

Quick pick and filters help you get down to exactly what you want to see. There are a lot of classes offered on Freeplay, so narrowing down is much easier than scrolling through the whole list!

When you first set up your Freeplay account, you

select which activities you 

like. Once selected, these become your quick picks. You can filter off of each of pick to see all classes and gyms associated with that 


You can change your quick picks at anytime. To do so, select the "Add Quick Picks" button, select and deselect to your hearts content, thenhit the back arrow! You'll see you changes instantly.

There are a lot of other filters that you can use to 

further narrow down your 

search: favorites, distance from you current location, time, whether the gym is Elite, and if you are able to drop in to the gym at anytime.

Venues Nearby

The Venues Nearby section allows you to swipe through your options – swipe right on the screen to move through a few and see what is around you! 

Filters will apply to this section. If you aren't 

seeing what you are looking for, select the "View All" 

button to see an entire list of venues you can attend.

You can continue to use filters to narrow this list down as well. Once you find something you are interested in, select it to view the gym's profile.

The gym profile will offer a description of the gym, anything you need to know before attending and more! You can favorite a gym from here as well.

The Class List

The Class List is labeled with "Happening Monday" (or whatever day of the week you've selected). This list contains all of the classes offered on Freeplay. If you don't see it here, it likely isn't offered to Freeplay users. If you want to double check, send us an email at hello@freeplayapp.com. We'll be happy to check!

Make sure you are looking at the right day, and use 

filters to narrow the class list down before you start 


Start scrolling to view the class list! Once you see something that interests you, select to view the class profile.

The class profile will give you more details about the class and important things to know. Select "Add" to save your spot!

Please note: booking a class to your playlist will save a spot for you at that class. Be sure to remove the class at least 2 hours beforehand if you won't be able to make it. You can remove the class from your playlist by clicking the same button in the class profile (it will say "Added")!

Don't see your question?

Send us a note at hello@freeplayapp.com.

We'll respond right away.



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