Checking In

Every time that you attend a gym on Freeplay, you will need to check in. Your check in is how our partners receive payment for your visit. As a result, a partner is not expected or obligated to let you in if you cannot check in – so it is important that we get this right!

When you open your app and are on the home screen, you should see the check in button in the top right hand corner. Select it to start the check in process.

If you are at a Freeplay partner, the gym you are attending will automatically pull up. Make sure it is the correct partner before hitting the check in button.

Once you hit the check in button, you'll see the success screen! Show this screen to the gym employee for access. (Be sure to add a profile photo so they know who you are!)

What if a gym is not automatically appearing?

If you're not seeing a gym automatically appear after hitting the check in button, double check that you are allowing location access when using the app. If that still doesn't work, follow these steps to check in!

If the gym is not appearing automatically, you'll see this screen. Select "Choose Location" to find your gym!

Search here for the gym you are attending. Once you see it, select the gym to move forward with the same process.

In the end, you'll see the same success screen as above. Show this screen to the gym employee for access.

What if I check in somewhere on accident?

If you check in somewhere on accident, email us at and let us know the email associated with your account, the gym you checked in at, and the date of the check in. We will remove this for you!

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