Buddy Pass

Buddy passes allow you to bring a friend with you to one of our Freeplay partners. Buddy passes reset on the 1st of every month, so be sure to send them out before they are gone forever. To see how many passes you get each month with your plan, check out our pricing page.

Sending a Buddy Pass

To send a buddy pass, select the buddy pass icon in the top left hand corner of your home screen.

The next screen will show you how many buddy passes you have left and when they expire.

From here, select the contact that you would like to send your buddy pass to and hit send!

Once your buddy pass has been sent, you'll get a confirmation pop-up that tells you to have your friend download the Freeplay app.


Important note: buddy passes can only be sent to people who are saved in your phone as a contact. Buddy passes cannot be used by current Freeplay members. They also cannot be redeemed from your own account, they must be sent to another person to be used.

We recommend sending your pass before arriving at a Freeplay partner. If the internet connection isn't great, your buddy may not receive the pass until it's too late! The Freeplay partner is not expected or obligated to allow your buddy to attend if they do not have a pass to redeem.

If you send a pass to the wrong person, please send us an email at hello@freeplayapp.com with your email and the phone number that you sent the pass to. We will get the pass sent back your way!

Redeeming a Buddy Pass

To redeem a buddy pass, download the Freeplay app and sign up for an account. In order to use your pass, you will need to sign up with the same phone number that your friend sent your pass to. Once you sign up for an account, you'll see this buddy pass on your home screen. If you don't see this, be sure to send an email to hello@freeplayapp.com! We will make sure you are able to use your pass.

To check in, follow the steps under our Checking In page!

Please note: Buddy Passes may not be used at Momentum Climbing

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